Delivery available in Durham, Chapel Hill/Carrboro and Hillsborough for our products such as mulch, topsoil, compost and more.

Minimum for delivery is 2 cubic yards of material. Please call for delivery prices.

Not responsible for damages to driveways and neighborhood roads (Example: oil stains, cracks, etc.). Our trucks can only deliver to concrete, asphalt and gravel driveways or parking areas.



Deliveries starting at $75

Our dump trucks can deliver to most residential areas. We have an F-550 dump truck and a quad axle dump truck.

Our F-550 can carry up to 6 cubic yards of gravel, sand or soil and up to 15 cubic yards of mulch. It is possible to deliver a pallet of stone out of the dump truck, especially if there are other materials in the truck such as mulch, soil or gravel. The pallet will slide out and land on top of or next to the mulch/soil/gravel (see picture). The pallet may tip over when it comes out of the truck. There is the chance that a couple of pieces of stone may crack/break.

Our quad axle dump truck can carry up to 16 cubic yards of gravel, 20 cubic yards of soil or up to 25 cubic yards of mulch.

Our quad can also spread gravel. See video below. Our truck needs room to spread the gravel. The area will need to be free of tree limbs and power lines. The delivery fee for a driveway spread starts at $150.


Deliveries starting at $250

Our flatbed truck can deliver between 1 – 18 pallets of stone at one time.



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SIDE BY SIDE: Gravel & Soil

Side by Side: Flagstone & Mulch

SIDE BY SIDE: 1/2 Pallet Fieldstone & Mulch

Side by Side: Mulch & Topsoil

SIDE BY SIDE: Soil & Mulch

We can only do a side by side delivery with 2 cubic yards of each material. Example: 2 yards of mulch and 2 yards of soil side by side works great!